09 May 2016

Feeling bad about spm result?

Talking about my SPM result, i got only 5As, 3Bs and 1C. Not a really good result actually as my family keeps talking bad about it. 

"Takda maknanya rezeki rezeki. Kalau usaha, mesti dapat. Ni macam tak usaha langsung."

Ok for the first sentence. Not to be harsh but are u saying that u dont believe in rezeki from God? There's a lot of people out there who worked their ass off but still cant get what they aimed for. Why? Because it's not their rezeki yet. Why im not getting a good result for this spm? Because it's not my rezeki yet. Who knows i'll excel in university? In shaa Allah.
For the second and third sentences, i worked my ass off. If i didnt put any effort for my spm, i'd just sent the exam papers empty. Siapa je yang tak usaha to get good results tho. U're saying that i didnt put any effort? Fuck you for thinking that way. U didnt see what i did at school. I did study. Easy to say. It's not you who need to struggle.

"Result tak bagus, uni mana je nak ambik"

U think spm leavers with not a so good result dont have a chance to get a place in universities ke? Shame on you for thinking like that. I gotta admit that students with excellent results get bigger chances to be choosen as one of the students in top universities. For me, spm result doesnt matter as much as you think. Most of the qualifications to apply universities are credits. Ada je yang straight As tapi tak passed the interview. So nk agung agungkan lagi straight As tu? At last, these non straight As students jugak yang passed and are able to get a place in top universities. Even thought u're not excellent in high school, doesnt mean you cannot perform in universities. Remember that.

"Bijak sangat ke? Kalau bijak spm tak dapat 5A"

I never know that ones intelligence is measured using spm result? Laughing my fcking ass off on you. At least im not narrowminded as you.

For all spm leavers who still feel bad about ur result, just keep calm and dont bother all the bad words people are saying to you. It's not the end of the world ey. We still have lot of work to do, guys. A very long journey ahead.

Lots of love, 🌼